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Shodan Judo uses a modern, effective approach with the

use of games and music to create an enthusiastic atmosphere whilst still promoting traditional values of respect and manners. All our clubs and School sessions are friendly and welcoming and accept all who wish to participate regardless of age, experience and fitness.

Shodan Judo is one of very few martial art clubs in the area to welcome people with learning and behavioural conditions.

If you have and questions or queries of any nature then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to our club soon.



Groups Of Four Competition

Saturday 7th March


Groups Of Four Competition

Saturday 28th March


Kata Course 

Saturday xxth June


Team Competition

Saturday 14th May


       Autumn Competition     

Saturday 21st October


Winter Grading

Juniors - Saturday 25th November

Seniors - Saturday 9th December


Christmas Party  









Our Clubs & Session times:


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Gradings & Technical


Shodan Membership













School Judo


Adult Judo Classes



Shodan Cup 2008: DSC 0002



Pay as you throw or block book for £4.50 per session

Contact Jason or Jo