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Our Intermediate sessions are more Judo focused with less fun and games then the Junior sessions. Many of our intermediates do still attend the Junior session as well with some doing so to play the games and other to work on their coaching skills. The Intermediates train along side the Seniors which proves beneficial to both and because most of our Seniors are simply big kids, then we still regularly find the time for Judo style rugby and football


The independence of the SJA brings several benefits of which the greatest is the ability to apply & continue to develop the Shodan method of coaching that has proven to be so effective.

All SJA Members benefit from Martial art specific Member to Member Personal Accident Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

All Senior Coaches are CRB checked, Completed an instructors award and First Aid / Emergency Aid qualified.

The SJA has an increasing number of Judo and social events on its calendar of which the most significant can be found on our home page. We are striving to add more events that are different to what we already have and well add to our ability to produce a wide range of Judo and social experiences for our members.



The membership package includes member to member personal accident insurance, Club badge and Record Book.


Badges are sewed on the Left Sleeve of the Judogi

Members book  rb2  rb3

The A5 sized record Book contains is a reference book for your Judo theory with plenty of illustrations of the Judo techniques and everything you will need to know to be awarded a Dan grade. The Book is also a record of your grade and Competition history.

 Card Front    Card Back  



In addition to member to member personal accident insurance, Club badge and Record book, your SJA Licence provides the following:


  • Eligibility for Mon, Kyu and Dan Grading's – Usually two per annum.
  • Competitions – Including The Shodan Cup, our Summer & Autumn Competitions and the Helah Haslett Tournament.
  • Kata Training Courses.     
  • Summer Training Events – Separate events for each Category.
  • Membership of the Shodan Competition Squad. (Subject to meeting the required standard)
  • Social Events




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